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We have so far given

over 140,000

children across Staffordshire, Shropshire and parts of the West Midlands a book of their own to take home, READ and keep forever.

By using Pre-Read books we are helping to protect the environment 

Producing new books has a significant environmental cost

The newspaper and book publishing businesses use 153 billion gallons of water each year, with each book using two kilowatt hours of fossil fuels and emitting about 7.5 kilos of CO2.


Worse, when a book reaches landfill, its decomposition emits twice as much greenhouse gas and has a harmful impact on local water systems as when it was made.

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When you consider that an estimated 320 million (640,000 tonnes) of books are thrown away each year, it's easy to see how using pre-read books has a positive influence on the environment.

Pre-read books still have great stories to tell, and whilst we are unable to undo the emissions from their initial production, we can ensure a carbon neutral future by keeping them from needlessly going to waste

Girl Reading and Laughing

Reading For Pleasure

Rotary Books4Home aims

  • to empower children to develop their love of reading

  • to experience owning a book of their own

  • to share their love of reading with their family and friends

In 2023, children and young people’s reading enjoyment is at crisis point. The latest research from the National Literacy Trust reveals that children’s reading enjoyment is at its lowest level in almost two decades. Just 2 in 5 (43.4%) children and young people aged 8 to 18 said they enjoyed reading in their free time. This is the lowest level of reading enjoyment recorded since 2005.


Declining reading enjoyment across a growing number of children and young people must act as a wake-up call for all who support children and young people’s reading for pleasure and the many benefits it can bring.

1 in 5 children aged 5 to 8 do not have a book of their own at home

However, children and young people who do have a book of their own at home are six times more likely to read above the level expected for their age compared with their peers who don’t have their own book

Research from The National Literacy Trust 


Martin Galway, Head of Schools at the National Literacy Trust says

“Sparking a love of reading can change a child’s life. Today’s results must act as a wake-up call for all who support children’s reading for pleasure. A greater focus on reading for enjoyment in the government’s revised Reading Framework (DfE, 2023) offers some measure of hope, but we will need real and immediate impact to change this story for the country’s most disadvantaged children.


We need to give children every opportunity possible to fall in love with reading, and to give families and schools the support they need to put reading for enjoyment at the heart of every school and home.”

Sept 2023

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1. We receive donations of pre-read books


Rotary Clubs



Charity Shops




2. We chat with teachers (and children) to find out what types of books they would prefer to receive

(if at all possible)

Chase View 18-05-2022.jpg

3. We deliver books to

Nursery schools

Primary Schools

SEN Schools

High Schools


4. Youngsters choose their special book to take home, READ and keep forever

Donate Books

Collect & Donate New or Pre-read Childrens Books

Involve Your School

Receive FREE Books

Involve Your Rotary Club

Books4School Libraries

Many Schools have very few or even no library books

Other schools have plenty and regularly renew their stocks of books

Rotary Books4School Libraries recycle these unwanted books and share them with schools where the books are needed to establish or enhance the school library 

Books that would otherwise be thrown away now have a second chance to Make a Difference in the World 

BWH 1.png

The BWH Library

A haven of knowledge, stories untold, where dreams take flight and minds unfold.  

With shelves lined high and books galore, the BWH library, a treasure trove to explore.  

From classic tales to modern lore, it opens worlds, forevermore.  

In this sanctuary of words and thought, the BWH library, a place where hearts are sought. 

In the BWH library, minds take flight, imagination soars, reaching new heights.


Elouise - Pupil at BWH School

A Message from the youngsters at

Silkmore Primary Academy


Thanks to a very kind donation from RB4H, BWH was able to begin running a lunchtime lending library. RB4H donated hundreds of books which our pupils now have the chance to browse and borrow on a weekly basis.

The library is run in the assembly hall by our volunteer pupil librarians. They enthusiastically and warmly welcome pupils from across the year groups to browse the selection of books. Many pupils have taken advantage of this opportunity and we have had plenty of books taken out to be read and enjoyed.

We are hoping to expand our library next year into a more permanent setting, and it is the donation from Rotary Books4Home that has made this possible.

The poem above was written by one of our pupil librarians. 

Teacher BWH High School


Rotary Book Box


Our Rotary Book Boxes are placed at the front door of school.


Every evening the doors of the Book Box are opened.


As youngsters are collected from school the children & their parents/carers choose a book TOGETHER.


They take the book home, read it together and keep it forever.

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