Antiques Rotary Trip

We all agree that this year has been like no other.

Alumni 1210 ask ALL Rotarians in District 1210 to join in the fun as we work together to achieve something really worthwhile in our district.


Our 3 areas of focus are to:

  1. Serve our community by alleviating isolation and promoting fellowship

  2. Rekindle The Rotary Competitive Spirit

  3. Raise money to support & promote literacy in our area

Serve our Rotary Community by alleviating isolation and promoting fellowship

Serve our Rotary Community by alleviating isolation and promoting fellowship. Lockdown restrictions have isolated people; even Rotary meetings have often been confined to those with the technology to access them. Social chinwags and catch-ups have all but stopped.


Reconnect with someone (have we forgotten how to use the telephone?)

Please pick up the phone or write a note to a friend. Explain about the Antiques Rotary Trip and encourage them to take part. Tell them what you are going to contribute, talk about your school days, favourite toys or something you have always “just wondered about” etc….the possibilities are myriad!


Contact a Rotarian you haven’t spoken to in the last 6 months and chat about how they can help your Zone to win District 1210’s Antique Rotary Trip.


Snail mail, High Tech, low tech – how you do it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to get in touch with one person you haven’t spoken to for a while.



Reconnect with Rotarians, network, meet new friends, contact acquaintances and have some fun!

Rekindle your Rotary Competitive Spirit

Remember the thrill of throwing the winning dart, bowling the winning bowl, potting the winning snooker shot?  

For obvious reasons District Competitions have been limited this year

BUT you can compete in The Antiques Rotary Trip!


We have split the Rotary Clubs in District 1210 into 4 Zones;

Red & Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink


Four of our Alumni members will be VIRTUALLY travelling to the District’s Rotary Clubs on an Antiques Rotary Trip

We challenge each of the 4 Zones to support these Alumni and help your Zone win the Antiques Rotary Trip


Enjoy some friendly Rotary Competition


Which ZONE will raise the most money when your donations are sold at auction?

Darts Bilston & Wton West 2019 -
Books delivered to Etruscan Primary Scho

Raise money to support & promote literacy in our area

Any money raised will be used to support Literacy Projects in District 1210.

Have fun during;

- explore your house and find something to donate!

- delve into the back of your cupboards & see what you can find!

 - dust off that antique in the shed, collectible in the attic or bit of retro on the shelf.


One man’s rubbish is another man’s gold OR one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure       

Taking Notes